GCF – Film: Manufactured Landscapes

Title: GCF – Film: Manufactured Landscapes
Location: Wycliffe & Trinity Colleges
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Do you ever have those moments that just seem too coincidental? Those moments about which you think, “There’s no way that was chance!”

Well, at our staff meeting this morning we had just such a providential moment. In the middle of our meeting we talked about upcoming evenings at GCF: what we’re planning, who we’d like to have come speak, what events we’d like to do. I mentioned that I had been in touch with Stephen Scharper, who some of you will remember from last semester, to see if he could come back to us for an evening this year. Stephen is a professor at U of T in the department of anthropology, specializing in religion and the environment, and he also teaches film courses. He is a warm, personable individual, and an excellent conversation partner whose interests are amazingly broad. I had not heard back from Stephen about whether or not he could make it to GCF this semester.

Half way through our meeting, I saw someone peeking through the window in the closed door of the office, and shouted for the person to come in. And who walks in, but Stephen Scharper himself! During the course of our conversation with him, he mentioned an event he is hosting this Thursday night: A screening of the film Manufactured Landscapes, followed by a discussion (which he will host) with the award-winning film’s director, Jennifer Baichwal. As it turns out, Stephen and Jennifer know each other from their grad school days, as they were TAs together at McGill University, where Jennifer earned an MA in Religious Studies. [FYI: This event is sponsored by STORY Umbrella & IMAGO (for more info on these organizations, see www.imago-arts.on.ca.)]

Stephen left (after promising to talk to his wife, Hilary, also a professor at U of T, about coming together to spend an evening with us at GCF), and Brian and I looked at each other and agreed: We had to make this Thursday night film event a part of our GCF program for this coming Thursday!

So here are the revised plans for this Thursday’s GCF:

–We will eat together, as usual, in the office at 6pm. Try to be prompt, as our schedule is a bit tight this evening

–At 6:50 pm or so we’ll head over to the theatre to watch Manufacturing Landscapes. [More details on the film below.] The George Ignatieff theatre is conveniently located a three minute walk from Wycliffe. The screening starts at 7:00pm.

–Tickets are $10 at the door. HOWEVER: If the cost is going to keep you from coming, we will take care of it! Do not let that keep you away. Please email me or talk to me that evening if we can help you out.

–After the film and discussion, we’ll come back to the office to do dishes! (The best conversations happen over dishes)

So, come on out at 6pm on Thursday to enjoy some great food, fantastic conversation, and an amazing film and discussion! And bring along a friend or two who you think might enjoy the evening.

See you then!

Take care,

Sara Gerritsma DeMoor

More about the film:

Manufactured Landscapes is a critically-acclaimed film about the work of renowned artist Edward Burtynski, focusing on his work on “manufactured landscapes.” The film follows Burtynski through China as he views the effects of a massive industrial revolution. Manufactured Landscapes has won numerous film awards, including:

–Best documentary feature – Toronto Film Critics Association

–Best Canadian feature – Toronto Film Festival

–Best Documentary – Genie Awards

Not to be missed!
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2009-09-24

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