Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)
CRC Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College basement

Film Night: “Genèse”

An evening of eating, watching, reflecting and talking with the GCF community

Thursday, September 30,  2010
Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College (basement)

6:00 – Dinner
7:00 (or so) – Something After Dinner – film, discussion etc.


(Mali, 1999)

Directed by Cheick Oumar Sissoko
Screenplay by Jean-Louis Sagot-Duvauroux

The ancient tale of tribal conflict between Jacob and Esau serves as the basis for this powerful allegory about the ethnic and religious warfare which continues to rage in so much of Africa (and the rest of the world) today. This visually stunning work deftly attempts to return a text fundamental to the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions back to its tribal origins. You’ve never seen the stories from Genesis 23-37 told like this before, and after seeing this movie, you may never be able to hear them the same again.

And if we’re really fortunate the legendary, but elusive, homemade caramel popcorn might make a reappearance.


Start Time: 6:00pm
Date: 2010-09-30

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