Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)
6:00pm, Thursday, December 2
CRC Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College basement

Dear friends,

Story-telling has become a very significant part of the GCF community. We recognize that this practice of sharing our stories is a rare and important opportunity for members of this community-both for those who share, and those who receive the story. A few months ago when someone else was telling her story, Geoff wrote the following about this tradition at GCF, and it bears repeating this week:

“Several weeks ago we talked about gratitude, and the importance of attending to the good gifts that God has given us. This is especially important in a culture where, ironically, we are constantly encouraged to want more, and yet we tend to take for granted so much of what we already have. One of the ways we nurture both gratitude and a deeper community amidst the fast-paced and inherently transitory culture of higher education is to listen with care to each other’s stories. These are opportunities to hear how life experiences, faith, education, career, other people, gifts, interests, and opportunities (among many other things) have woven together to become the fabric of their lives.”

This week we are honoured to have Jashen So share parts of his story with us. Jashen has been a member of GCF for a few years, first as a fourth year undergraduate student, and now as a full-time chef. I could go on and on describing Jashen, and I could try to describe what Jashen will be sharing with us, but he says it best in his own words:

My story isn’t ‘mine.’  It doesn’t belong to me.  I belong to a story.  A story with some of the best things in the world: gifts!  Gifts like friendship, resilience, socio-cultural exegesis, dangerous ideas, and pain.  Pain is not one of the best things in the world, though.  I will share some of the most energizing and/or important gifts in my life — yes, socio-cultural exegesis is one of them.*  I am not an academic but I am a nerd.  I am a cook by trade and hope to share a bit of what that world is like.  I’m also bringing dessert.  It’ll involve chocolate.  But I must say that some parts of this story are unfortunately rated R.  If sexual assault and abuse are topics you don’t want to hear about for whatever reason, I humbly and earnestly suggest you don’t come.  Otherwise, I (also humbly and earnestly) would be honored to have your time.


*For an idea of what ‘socio-cultural exegesis’ is about, check out this article by John Pilch, a Context Group member.

Join us this week as we listen and respond to Jashen’s story, and as we take some time to pray for him. Let this be a gift that you receive and give this Advent.

Looking forward to seeing you,


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