WBB and 21st Century Slavery?

Title: WBB and 21st Century Slavery?
Location: Wycliffe College Chapel

No longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness!

Not exactly the kind of alternative that folks in the 21st century would find too appealing.

I mean, who wants to be a slave to anything?

And while I can get my head around being a slave to sin – I have some personal experience in the matter – what could it mean to be a slave to righteousness? Especially when you consider that the word that Paul uses for righteousness could be just as easily translated “justice.” A slave to justice? Wouldn’t we have assumed that slavery and justice have no place in the same sentence?

A slave to justice. What could that mean? And what could it look like at the centre of an empire that speaks the rhetoric of justice while it enacts the practice of oppression?

These are just a few of the thousand questions that Romans 6 gives rise to. Scott Flemming is preaching, and he’ll undoubtedly have his own set of issues to struggle with here.

Have you noticed that we’ve been reading Romans at WBB this year? Of course you have. May I make a suggestion? Why don’t you read Romans 1 to 6 (yep all six chapters) as a spiritual discipline to prepare for worship this Tuesday.

Judith Alltree will be presiding, the aforementioned Mr. Flemming will be preaching, and Rob’s back directing the band this week.

See if you can convince a friend to get up so early for worship this week.
Heck, the clocks have turned back so the sun will even be up!

See you all Tuesday morning.

Wine Before Breakfast
Wycliffe Chapel
Tuesdays 7.22am
Breakfast to follow.


PS final announcement of our conversation with Andy Crouch, author of “Culture Making” (IVP 09) tomorrow (Monday!) night at 8.00 in the office. All welcome. This could be a very good conversation about the meaning of culture, Christianity and culture, and the call to creative and sustaining cultural formation.
Start Time: 7:22
Date: 2009-11-03

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