Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)

Title: Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF)
Location: CRC Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College basement

At GCF last week, I made an announcement about what we were planning for this week. I mentioned that we were watching a movie that was “more modern” than the ones we usually watch at GCF.

How wrong I was! This film was made in 1991!

I think what I meant to say was that we will be watching a movie that acheived more popularity or was more maintream (at the time) than films we typically view at GCF. Whatever the case, after dinner this week we will be watching the 1991 film Fried Green Tomatoes, starring Academy Award winners Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. This film was nominated for two Academy Awards and was nominated for or won at least 10 other awards (including winning one for the best young actress under 10 years old!) []

Some of you may have seen this film, but I encourage you to give it another viewing. Fried Green Tomatoes illustrates the power of narratives, of stories, to shape individuals and communities. I won’t give away more than that! For more information or a synopsis (for those of you who just need to know), see the entry for the film on

And if you needed just a little more encouragement to come out on Thursday: There may be freshly-popped popcorn!

On the practical side: please try to be on time this week for dinner, since are are aiming to start sitting down at 6:45pm, so that we have enough time for the film and a discussion afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Sara DeMoor

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