Wine Before Breakfast

On Traveling Light

We’ve all got baggage.

You know, that stuff that we carry around:
our personal stories,
our family joys and dysfunctionality,
our racial, gender and sexual identities.

We’ve all got baggage.

And then there’s the baggage that we quite literally carry around:
those overstuffed suitcases that we haul on our travels,
all those boxes of stuff that we never get around to unpacking,
and all the possessions that we can’t let go of and are now stuffed into storage
lockers littered across the landscape.

We’ve all got baggage.

But when Jesus calls us, he requires that we drop a lot of the baggage.
“Sell everything you have and give it to the poor,” he tells one fellow.
When you go out in my name,
“take no gold, or silver, or copper in your belts
no bags for your journey, or two tunics,
or sandals, or a staff.”

Take no bags.
Travel light.
Leave the securities of home at home.
Go in vulnerability, in simplicity.
Like sheep amongst wolves.
And proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Or as Bono once put it,
“you’ve got to leave it behind.”

Walk on, sisters and brothers, walk on.

This week at Wine Before Breakfast we’ll listen in on the instructions that Jesus gives to the disciples as he sends them out.
We’ll listen as he gives them their walking instructions.
We’ll listen as he tells them, and us, to leave our baggage behind.

Chris Schoon will be preaching,
Chris Dow will lead the service and has written the prayers,
the Bandhood might have some U2 up their sleeves,
and Jacqueline Daley will be baking the bread.

Wine  Before Breakfast
Tuesdays @ 7.22am
Wycliffe Chapel

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