Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) – Welcome!

Dear Friends,


There’s no hiding the fact that the next big transition is upon us. The calendar indicates that Labour Day has passed, the weather announces that Fall is arriving, and the buzz of activity on campus declares that a new academic year has begun. Students, supervisors, classes, theses, applications, funding arrangements, future plans and current relationships all call for our attention.

While all this is happening, we take time to grieve the hundreds of thousands of lives tragically lost a decade ago in New York and globally since then in the subsequent responses. We contemplate how to make choices in yet another election campaign of polarizing rhetoric. And we consider the implications of the apparent attempt by our city leaders to ban and criminalize homelessness.

Welcome to September. Welcome to Toronto. Welcome to our world.

But welcome also to another season of our campus ministry communities – Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) and Wine Before Breakfast (WBB). Here in this time, this city, and this world we long to be a small but persistent and Spirit-infused presence of shalom. A people of hope. A place of healing and wholeness.

So welcome to dinner shared around a table or breakfast over a pot of coffee. Welcome to life-changing conversations that range broadly, and probe deeply. Welcome to communities that aim to be safe places to ask hard questions and share the stories of our lives. Welcome to a place of both stillness and engagement, laughter and lament, in the middle of the campus.


Graduate Christian Fellowship begins Thursday at 6:00 pm, with dinner followed by a discussion of what we’re hoping for in the year ahead, some of the ideas we have for the community this fall, and stories from several people about how their lives have been shaped here in the past.

Wine Before Breakfast begins Tuesday at 7:22 am, a decade after the first WBB service begin with lament in the shadow of 9/11, with a focus this year on the theme of the City in the biblical imagination, starting with Revelation 18 and the fall of Babylon.

We really want to see you here, for your sake, for ours, and for the world we live in. Please join us.


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