Graduate Christian Fellowship – Mid-term Potluck and Party

The Graduate Christian Fellowship invites you to a:
Mid-term Potluck and Party
An evening of eating, playing games, conversing, praying, de-stressing, and generally having fun together

What to Bring:
– Food for a potluck dinner
– Games to play (e.g. board games, card games, group games, etc.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College (basement)   [Directions]
6:00 – Potluck
7:00 (or so) – Something After Dinner – conversation, games, etc.

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Hello friends,
An essential characteristic of vital Christian communities is that they know how to celebrate and have fun together, so this Thursday, right in the middle of the term, we’re having a party. Those of you who attended the beginning-of-term brainstorming session were emphatic about wanting to have a party, and anyone who came to our house after the GCF hike in September will know that Michael and Irene have some board games they’d love to introduce you to.

We’ll have supper as usual, but this week it’s a potluck, to add some variety. If you want to bring some “party food” to nibble on the rest of the evening, feel free. You’re also welcome to bring any Halloween candy you’d like to share.

We don’t have a program planned (e.g. speaker, discussion, etc.), but thought we’d still do some of the basic components of a GCF evening: a bit of silence, a round of introductions, and some time for prayer. Then we’ll spend the rest of the evening (as long as folks want to stay) relaxing, playing games, spending time with friends (or making new ones), and enjoying each other’s company.

Be sure to invite your friends, whether or not they’ve been to GCF before, and we’ll see you Thursday.


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Upcoming GCF Events:

Thurs Nov 8
Michael Buttrey
PhD student, Theology and Bioethics
“The Ethics of Prenatal Genetic Screening”

Tuesdays, 7:22 am
“Wine Before Breakfast”
a weekly Eucharist service in the Wycliffe College Chapel,
followed by breakfast in the chaplain’s office

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(University of Toronto)

Wine Before Breakfast (Tue, 7:22 am)
Graduate Christian Fellowship (Thur, 6:00 pm)

Brian Walsh, chaplain   <>
Geoff Wichert (Rev.), chaplain   <>
Marcia Boniferro, associate chaplain   <>
(Sara DeMoor is on maternity leave for the 2012-13 academic year)

Facebook: UT-GCF, Wine Before Breakfast
Brian’s blog: Empire Remixed
Map and directions to our office

Wycliffe College (basement)
5 Hoskin Ave.
M5S 1H7