Wine Before Breakfast

Wine Before Breakfast was a part of the ministry for more than twenty years and only recently ended (in the summer of 2023). We are hopeful about what will grow from the seeds of this worshipping community of praise and lament, liberated imaginations and radical discipleship.

Wine Before Breakfast was so named for two key elements of our communal life together: sharing in creative liturgy, bread and wine, music, scripture, and prayer through a Eucharist service together in the early hours of the morning, and subsequently sharing breakfast of fresh bread, meat and cheese, fruit, coffee, and tea. Click here to read some of the sermons and prayers from our services or check out our Instagram account for highlights of the services.

On April 21 2023 we held a special Wine Before Breakfast service in honour of the founder of WBB, Brian Walsh, which can be watched online. The following is the liturgy for the service: WBB-Service-for-Brian