Andy Crouch, in conversation …

Empire Remixed and CRC Campus Ministries
Andy Crouch
… in conversation …

Hosted and facilitated by Brian Walsh

Monday, November 2 @ 8.00pm

Chaplain’s Office
Wycliffe College, Toronto

Andy Crouch’s book Culture Making was named the “Book of the Year” by Christianity Today in 2009. And we are overjoyed to be able to host an evening conversation with Andy on November 2. Christian bookseller par excellence, Byron Borger ( said that this book “is spectacularly important and truly wonderful; wonderful for the cogent ideas and the lovely writing, the insight and the charm.” We agree. And that’s why we are hosting a conversation with Andy.

The evening will kick off with Andy talking for fifteen minutes or so about his book and the kinds of things that animate him as he reflects on Christian culture making. And then, over some appropriate liquid refreshments, we will have a wide-ranging, open-ended conversation with the lad about whatever we want to talk about.

Brian Walsh will host and facilitate the conversation. While some folks will have read Andy’s book (like members of Brian’s “Theology of Culture” class), the conversation does not assume that everyone will have done so.

Our ministry is co-sponsoring this event with EmpireRemixed ( This group emerged out of the Wine Before Breakfast community and hosts in person and online conversations that attempt to engender an alternative Christian imagination.

Andy Crouch is an insightful, gregarious and wise Christian leader. We are excited to be able to have an evening with him.

The event is free, but a donation for refreshments will be gratefully received.

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