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Readings for Reading Week

An evening of eating, reading, listening, discussing(?), laughing, praying, etc.
with the GCF community

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College (basement)

6:00 – Dinner
7:00 (or so) – Something After Dinner – discussion, etc.

Dear friends,
In order to ensure that some reading actually does get done this week, we’ve decided to devote our Thursday evening to sharing some readings with each other. We’ve occasionally read aloud at GCF – Biblical books (esp. New Testament epistles), letters from former GCFers, even children’s stories – and always it’s been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. The difference this time is that we’re inviting you to contribute to the selection. We’re open to (even hoping for) a variety of genres: short stories, poetry, plays, excerpts from longer books, children’s stories/literature, something you have written, or even a story wish to tell.

If you have something you’d like to share with the group, please let either Sara or me know what it is, and roughly how long it will take, so we can gauge how much will fit in the time we have available. Some readings may invite further discussion, or you may prefer that we just listen and don’t discuss. You can also decide whether the reading will be improved if others have the text, or whether the hearing is most important (e.g. I personally prefer to hear plays/drama, and see poetry). And our sense of what’s “appropriate” for this community covers a wide range from serious to funny, thought-provoking to whimsical, sublime or down-to-earth.

Dinner will be potluck, so our eating will be another form of sharing.

And while we’re on the theme of listening, it turns out the conversations that were recorded last Thursday during dinner by Tina from CBC’s Tapestry program didn’t actually make it onto the air on Sunday. Apparently the interviews that made up the bulk of the program went longer than anticipated, but she was “really happy” with the comments she received from people at GCF. “The folks I spoke with were generous and thoughtful with their ideas. … Please pass along my thanks to the group.” They’re considering a future episode specifically on singleness, in which case some of the recorded material may yet appear on air.

If you’re able to join us this Thursday for a relaxing and enjoyable evening together, I look forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to bring a friend (or 2) along with you. And if you’re busy or travelling out of town, I wish you a blessed and fruitful reading week.


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