Summer GCF: Hike!

Hello friends,
This week, GCF goes outside! We’re going to have our conversations while hiking one of Toronto’s many lovely ravine trails, and the weather looks like it might just cooperate with us. Here are the details:

Rosedale ravines: George Balfour Park, Park Drive Reservation, Evergreen Brickworks, Chorley Park, Moore Park

Meet at 6:30 sharp at the St Clair Subway station (Yonge + St Clair) on the north side (St Clair St exit, by the little McDonald’s outlet). We only have so much time until it gets dark, so let’s try to get going on time

As usual, bring something to share, but try to make it portable (e.g. finger food, no cutlery/dishes required). We’ll either munch while walking, or find a place to sit and eat. I know it’s fun to lurk on the food sign-up sheet (, see what other people are bringing, and then decide last-minute what you’ll bring, but it’s also helpful to have at least some folks add their food to the list (or it’s no fun lurking!).

Also, please be sure to bring some WATER!

Depending on how much time/energy we have, we may
a) get through all the parks I mentioned, end up at Moore Ave and take the #88 bus back to St Clair Station
b) detour part way through and head up to the Sherbourne subway station
c) return the way we came and end up back at St Clair Station.

At 6:35 we’re going to leave the St Clair Station, cross St Clair Ave, walk north on Alvin Ave (just East of the station, past the public library, by the Green-P parking sign), turn right (East) onto Heath St E, continue to the end, and take the trail into the ravine to the right (left takes you into Mount Pleasant Cemetery). If you’re a bit late and miss us, you can probably catch up easily enough.
We’ll follow the trail through Balfour Park, across Mt Pleasant Rd, down into the Don Valley (skirting the Bayview ramps to the DVP) and toward the Brickworks. From there we’ll decide whether to continue or backtrack, as noted above.

If you have questions, let me know, and I hope to see lots of you there on Thursday.


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