March 30 – Hana’s story


While I know I look quite young (many a bartender has needlessly questioned the integrity of my state ID), I have lived a pretty full 28 years of trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus. What does loving our neighbor as ourselves look like in our personal and professional lives? Trying to answer that question has taken me to Chicago, El Salvador, and Italy, down a winding circuitous path to academia, and now to GCF on Thursday night, where you’ll get to hear some scattered bits and pieces of that journey. Looking forward to sharing with you all!

GCF This week

GCF This Week

This week at GCF we’ll be chowing down on some delectable delicacies starting at 6pm and engaging in a conversation about disciplinary epistemologies beginning around 7pm. Our conversation about how we are taught to think will begin with presenters briefly sharing about how their discipline has taught them to think followed by your reflections and questions. We’ll end the evening with prayer, more food and dishwashing.

Graduate Christian Fellowship – November 3, 2016 – MoveIn

This week at GCF we’ll be learning about “MoveIn”  

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.”

(John 1:14, The Message)


I have heard about MoveIn from several GCFers over the years and I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be a good thing to learn about and discuss at GCF – I just needed to find someone who could talk about it! Well this week Jordan and Danielle have agreed to come, tell us some stories and have a conversation with us about their experiences living in St. James Town and other MoveIn communities.


Jordan writes:


Are you interested in prayer, incarnational living, and the poor?


MoveIn is a movement of regular Christians prayerfully moving in among the unreached, urban poor. Locally and globally.

It’s mission is to see the church present and making reproducing disciples in more unreached, urban poor communities globally.


It’s a movement that I joined. I lived as part of the MoveIn team in St. James Town (Parliament and Wellesley) for 3 years. Danielle, my wife, joined the team after we were married in 2014, but before that, when living in Ottawa, she was part of the MoveIn team on Donald Street. Since then, Danielle and I moved to England for a year and have now moved back to where we currently live — Wycliffe College.


We have much to share about our experiences, mostly good, though some difficult things too.



I hope you’ll join us, and bring a friend, to hear Jordan and Danielle’s story.




A Pastoral Letter for Holy Week 2013

The story was going a certain way.
Sure, there were some detours along the way
and things didn’t always go totally as expected,
but the overall plot remained clear.

It was all about home.
It was all about being in exile from home
and longing for a return home.

Truth is, everything is about home.
Really, when it comes right down to it, what else is there?

And if it is about home, then it is, of necessity about story.
Stories that tell us the memories of home.
Stories that shape the contours of home.
Stories that will lead us home.

But sometimes these stories meet a dead end.

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Graduate Christian Fellowship – Christian Practices and Engaging Advent

Dear friends,
This week we welcome Jamie Howison as our speaker for the evening, the lead pastor of St. Benedict’s Table, a thriving urban church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. St. Benedict’s Table is a unique church community especially in its practice of an open communion table and in its honouring of the role of creativity and imagination in our church and faith lives. Several books have been published by members or groups from the community including works with an artistic emphasis, a book by Jamie Howison on the music of John Coltrane and an advent resource.

Jamie Howison will be speaking to GCF on “Christian Practices and Engaging Advent” as we prepare ourselves and our community for this time of faithful waiting for Jesus’ birth and reign. The St. Benedict’s Table community sees itself as “a community of Advent spirituality: always on the hinge between the old and the new, the known and the unknown to which God is drawing us.” Come and hear what Jamie Howison has to say about his community, about advent and about what God is drawing us to in our studies, in our work, in our ministry together, especially at this time of year.



Upcoming GCF Events:

Thurs Dec 6
End-of-Term Potluck and Advent Celebration


Upcoming Campus Ministry Events:

Tuesdays, 7:22 am
“Wine Before Breakfast”

a weekly Eucharist service in the Wycliffe College Chapel,
followed by breakfast in the chaplain’s office

Christian Reformed Campus Ministries
(University of Toronto)

Wine Before Breakfast (Tue, 7:22 am)
Graduate Christian Fellowship (Thur, 6:00 pm)

Brian Walsh, chaplain
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Marcia Boniferro, associate chaplain

Room at the Table: Urban Ministry from Justice to Imagination

Room at the Table, with Jamie HowisonUrban Remixed presents

Room at the Table:
Urban Ministry from Justice to Imagination

with Jamie Howison
st benedict’s table, Winnipeg
Facilitated by Brian Walsh of U of T

Monday, November 26 @ 7.00

Church of the Redeemer
162 Bloor St West, Toronto
(Bloor St & Avenue Rd)

Refreshments will be served

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Graduate Christian Fellowship – Life in the Academy: What They Never Told Me

The Graduate Christian Fellowship invites you to:
Life in the Academy: What They Never Told Me
Mathematics := a journey in faith
Natasha Dobrinen
Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Denver

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Chaplain’s office, Wycliffe College (basement)

6:00 – Dinner
7:00 (or so) – Something After Dinner – discussion, etc.

Dear Friends,
As we noted in our discussion of formation earlier this term, a university education shapes us in far more ways than just academically. And especially as graduate students, what we’re expected to learn stretches far beyond the curriculum, our courses, or our research. Read more Graduate Christian Fellowship – Life in the Academy: What They Never Told Me